Saturday, 29 August 2015

What to Consider When Choosing a Dispensary

If you're a new medical marijuana patient or are simply new to the area, choosing a dispensary may seem like a daunting prospect. Dispensaries in California are plentiful - numbering over 3,000, in fact. The following list of things to consider will help narrow down the choices and make it easier to find the dispensary that's right for you.

Location : 
In areas with a large number of dispensaries (also known as collectives), chances are there will be one within a few minutes of your home. If you happen to live in or near Los Angeles or San Francisco, there are probably more dispensaries than coffee shops so you'll certainly have a wide variety of convenient dispensaries to choose from. Many dispensaries also deliver, which is even more convenient.

Experience :
What type of experience are you seeking? Each dispensary has its own look and feel, providing patients with a specific type of experience. For instance, it's not uncommon in California to have to walk through heavy security doors with bullet-proof glass. However, not all Golden State dispensaries are like that. Many offer comfortable (but smoke free) lounges for consultations while others feel more like a doctor's office. However else a dispensary might seem, it should never feel like a place where stoners hang out. If it does, move on.

Knowledge :
The folks running a dispensary should have a great depth of knowledge about their products and should be more than happy to share that knowledge with you. It's important to choose a dispensary with the knowledge and expertise to work with you to find the right strain of marijuana to treat your particular ailment. This knowledge will make all the difference in your experience with medical marijuana and its effectiveness.

Quality :
There are many factors during the growing and processing of marijuana that have a major impact on its quality. Each dispensary should be able to tell you where each strain comes from and where it was grown. In addition to offering quality marijuana, any other marijuana products offered such as edibles (known as medibles) , and topical creams and ointments should be high quality as well.

Community : 
Many communities are passionate about helping people and regularly give back to their local communities. This speaks to the type of people running the dispensary and how they do business.

Keep these factors in mind and you're sure to find a dispensary where you feel comfortable and your needs are well met.

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