Wednesday, 1 May 2013

NEWhere is the best !

E-cigarettes are indeed an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They’re a suitable alternative for many because of the benefits they have over “smoking.” Electronic cigarettes have gained considerable popularity over the past few years. E-cigarettes do not have distinctive odor. I personally recommend NeWhere E-cigarettes. Electronic smoking is much cheaper and safer than traditional cigarettes Traditional cigarettes contain a litany of chemicals as well, many of which are considered carcinogenic, or cancer causing. NEwhere Electronic Cigarettes have larger varieties and cost is very reasonable over traditional cigarettes. DisposableE Cigs do not spoil our environment hence create a healthy life style. The smell, the health consequences, and even the healthcare costs all combine to give traditional cigarettes a bad name these days. If you’re a smoker, you’ve certainly noticed an increasing amount of restrictions around where you can light up, even at private parties where the host is a nonsmoker. Also, traditional cigarettes can have impacts on your social life, literally. Take dating for an example - it’s pretty rare for a nonsmoker to be with a smoker. Also, traditional smoking can also impact job prospects since more employers are taking a more critical eye toward traditional cigarettes. 

For more details please refer to the recent study from latimes

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