Friday, 25 July 2014

Vegetables are preferables

It is to my surprise when I get to know recently that people who have achieved in athletics and any other sport that involves plenty of flexibility of body are mostly vegetarian. It is a medical fact that fruits and vegetables are more prone to digested easily compared to that of meat and other edible foods. While practicing posture, it is important that we take care of the diet habits.
I am pretty sure in most of the instructor led classes people will be intimated with the kind of food habit they are supposed to follow. But in exceptional cases, I would strongly suggest to have a vegetarian diet as it takes less time to pass through the digestive system.
I don’t want to get into controversial topic between vegetarians and Non-vegetarians but according to me all things in existence have life. So it is not that taking a meat food is a sin but if vegetables are capable enough to render all goodness why not we could give a try for that..

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cure for diabetes through proper (yogic) postures!

Pranayama is a very powerful practice that in many cases had been reported as a cure for diabetes. There are various types available on this and it is our responsibility to ensure that our trainer is aware of our need. Please intimate your guru regarding this and there are specialized coursed available for diabetes cure based on yogic methods available in plenty of places. The cure will not happen overnight. Kapalbhati Pranayama is a power-breathing technique that help to overcome negative values and depression in few minutes. It is the only technique used particularly for mind purification among all the cleansing exercises. It is one of the pranayama’s that can cure diabetes.
Though, cleansing breath is a simple procedure, but it is important that it should be done properly in accurate and timely way. Mention this practice to your master and ask them to guide you if you suffer from any illness pertaining to diabetes. It has been observed that the heat generated during this exercise has powerful effects on the respiratory system because it purifies the nasal passage and the lungs. Regular practice of this exercise will truly show amazing results and you may skip your usual diet meals and live like other people in a worry free way. Since there is large-scale elimination of carbon dioxide and a huge absorption of oxygen this technique also increases in the lungs capacity. It is believed that our ancestors who mastered pranayama use to breathe for 2 or 3 times per minute. Sun salutation is also a very good practice for diabetic people.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Friends are primarily important for everyone’s life. It is our responsibility to make our friends experience the goodness that we reaped through practice of yoga, exercises and meditation. Please do share your experiences with your friends as that may be a life changing factor for them. It is not necessary that you insist them or compel them to do the practices. Please ensure that you are clear on your part in explaining them the benefits that you rendered and the possibilities that they are capable of experiencing. We can be damn sure that they will choose the option as the possibilities are pretty! Making good friends will also help us to do practices in the right way. We can share good thoughts among us and make sure that right practices are done at the right time in a right way. Making good friends will also help us to get relieved from unknown mistakes that we might be doing in our daily life. Trust your friend in the right way and please take steps to correct your friend and correct oneself in the best possible way.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cure for vision problems

If I say through yoga practices, you can get a better vision, will you believe me? The truth cannot be surpassed and we are gifted with yogic practices that have the capability to improve vision. I have come across one such session being conducted by Isha yoga. In isha yoga, sessions are being conducted specially for children’s who have vision problems at initial stages. The main idea is that if the problems are rectified at the initial stages, the problems get resolved at earlier stage of a child’s life and the concern to concentrate on this specific issue is being eradicated. The practices are advised even for grown up in which case, the intensity of the problems gets considerably reduced.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weight reduction

Obesity is becoming the most dangerous word in recent times. There are lots of side effects which people face because of having over weight. Improper habitual, life style contributes to a major extent for this. Yoga procedures greatly reduce this risk and it reduces weight and optimizes the fat content present in your body. As I mentioned earlier, practices will reduce your breathing cycle and increases the capacity of your lungs, it easily oxidizes the blood cells in our body. I have reduced 12 pounds in 40 days time through practice of a efficient practice called Shambavi maha mudra. I got trained into this through a social organization based in southern region of Tamilnadu. There are special courses available to handle this problem and any yogic procedure for sure will in someway or other will help you find a solution for obesity related problems.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Passion for sports

Everyone of us would have passion for a specific sport. In India, Cricket is a vast spread religion. It is difficult to ponder a youngster who is devoid of knowledge in cricket. It has literally become a matter of pride and concern to have ample knowledge in this specific sport in our country. In parallel means people here had not forgot to give importance to their internal and external well being. This is the reason for the widespread awareness for the posture practices in our country.
Hokey is the national game for India, but I come across people who on next instance of posting the question as to what is their national game, they answered it to be Cricket! Compared to other sports that involve physical activity, yoga is always considered to be better option as it renders benefits not only to your physical being but also to your sensual, psychological dimensions.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Advancement in technology is a Boon or Bane?

I have come across people who shared their experiences that they had practiced yoga sessions through some remote means. This includes learning through pre-recorded video. If you are planning to attend such session please ensure that you proceed through it by proper means.
Try to have contact number or any sought of contact with the people who teach you practices by remote means. This would help you to clarify your doubts and ensure that you are practicing the right kind of yoga which you are supposed to. This is useful in case if you get any problem, you can get in touch with those people and try to get it resolved. I heard of such sessions happening through VC(Video Conferencing) but as far as time, money, effect of practice are concerned, it is always better to have a instructor led training. It all depends on the circumstances you are put into and it is definitely a boon if utilized in the way it has be used.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Duration and concentration factors

I had the concentration problems during earlier stages of my practices. I always tend to concentrate and to be on my state of practice but usually would get diverted to something that my girl friend told on the previous day or some gossips that I had with my friends. Please remember that it is a very normal phenomenon. All that we need to remember is that our conscious focus on the practices we do will help us to cater this problem. Too much attention on this is not necessary but having a conscious focus on this will surely help us do our yogic practices in a better manner.
I would like to give you a tip regarding duration of practice. Please set a timer that you may have in the equipments that you use in your day today life like a watch, Cell phone etc. This helps you not to be much awry about the time factor and you can be completely satisfied that you do your practices in timely manner.