Monday, 9 June 2014

Cure for Bronchitis

Pranayama as I mentioned earlier is the most efficient practice in yoga that has the capability to cure respiratory disorders. Bronchitis in recent times has emerged as one of the most vulnerable epidemic disease. When bronchitis reaches its severe stages, even normal breathing could not be done with ease. If you suffer from severe bronchitis I would suggest you consult a physiotherapist for relief and if ask their opinion about benefits of practicing yoga. It is medically proven fact that yoga has the ability to streamline your breathing mechanism. Researches had conducted a study on effect of yoga on bronchitis and concluded that proper yogic practices have enormous agility to patients to fight against bronchitis. Obviously your physiotherapist should be aware of this fact and consult their advice on time of practice that you need to undergo and most important is choose a right trainer! Choosing a right trainer for yoga matters the most..

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