Sunday, 22 June 2014

Back pain – Common enigma for IT professionals!

In last decade, back pain was more common problem for people above age of 45. Due to drastic technology advancements IT professionals are destined to work from a cubicle where in they hardly have time to even take frequent breaks in between their tight schedule. It is one of the most common problem people seek for medical attention. Relaxation is widely considered to be a direct antidote to stress. One of the identified causes for back pain is stress. As I mentioned earlier, yoga reduces blood pressure and an euphonious keeps you smart, it also have direct cure for back pain as a direct antidote with this regard. Physical practices ensure ease of movement in muscles by lubricating the joints. By this factor people who suffer from lumbar aches can get relaxed as more fluid for proper movement of joints will get secreted with this. Practice hatha yoga and forget all your bodily worries.

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