Saturday, 28 June 2014

Personal commitments

This is an important concern we all need to address in our daily life amidst our other commitments. Please ensure you maintain a perfect balance in all your commitments what so ever situation you may be put up into. But missing our practices pointing out such reasons may not be an acceptable thing at any point of time.
You will be advised regarding the importance following things perfectly in your classes. But it is more important for us to convince our family members to give us time to follow our practices and make our children’s, parents understand the importance of doing the same. Please request them not to disturb you during your meditation sessions and seek their help to keep yourself apart from external influences during the time of practices.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Being earlier is always better

Many of us many not be aware of the fact that yoga can be inculcated in children. Hope you may be pretty dubious on this possibility but fact is always a fact no matter what people think about it. When Edison failed for hundreds of times in discovering a electric bulb, people were dubious about his invention but when he succeeded the whole universe got benefited out of it. Our children are born in an age where everything is monotonous, so in order to keep themselves up with time they are in adverse need to maintain good health. Yoga is right kind of practice for children as it increases their concentration ability, improves stamina to do their day to day activities and it ensures them a natural atmosphere to grow and keep themselves away from the adversities of modern world.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Simple common tips for initial stages in yoga

Here I take opportunity to present few tips and guidelines to be followed during initial stages of practices. Don’t take food for 3-4 hours before your class and try to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water before every session. Arrive 30 minutes before the practices commences. Introduce yourself to the teacher before class begins. Let them know about any health concerns you might have and let them know this is your first class. You can mention your area of concern you want your practices to be concentrated upon during his session. Try to raise questions before and after class to better understand the practice.
Yoga can teach us much, but we all have different questions, so ask your important concerns. Try to create a relationship with your teachers so they can help you in clarifying the doubts with much ease. Practice regularly to get the best results. Practices form the basis for the ultimate gain as I mentioned before. The changes cannot be felt overnight. It will take considerable amount of time to reap the benefits. This time line is not fixed based on any criteria. It differs from person to person based on their area of focus. Patience forms the basis on such cases and belief should be to the maximum extend as only patience without belief in practices will not accelerate the person to doors of success.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Back pain – Common enigma for IT professionals!

In last decade, back pain was more common problem for people above age of 45. Due to drastic technology advancements IT professionals are destined to work from a cubicle where in they hardly have time to even take frequent breaks in between their tight schedule. It is one of the most common problem people seek for medical attention. Relaxation is widely considered to be a direct antidote to stress. One of the identified causes for back pain is stress. As I mentioned earlier, yoga reduces blood pressure and an euphonious keeps you smart, it also have direct cure for back pain as a direct antidote with this regard. Physical practices ensure ease of movement in muscles by lubricating the joints. By this factor people who suffer from lumbar aches can get relaxed as more fluid for proper movement of joints will get secreted with this. Practice hatha yoga and forget all your bodily worries.

Self satisfaction matters!

In whatever thing that we do, whether it is our personal or professional life, we always expect to be satisfied. Please don’t set any abnormal expectations as if that doesn’t happen as you expected there are possibilities that you may get disappointed. So set goals based on your basic realistic needs as that would always help you to serve your needs better. The satisfaction levels may vary from person to person. If we adhere to the yogic practices it has lots of direct and indirect influences to our physical and psychological dimensions. Please share your experiences with your trainer and your friends what so ever it may be. I know people who on certain levels in meditation had felt like being in a flower garden! This experience was well appreciated by our trainer and based on the karma, every person is more likely to undergo some sought of experience.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Yogic massages for rejuvenating life

In yogic context massaging not only brings healing effects to a person’s body but also rejuvenates his psychological attributes. It is not only the temporary relief one feel from the body pain and mental stress but one can feel the spiritual dimension associated with it if it could be done in the apt way. I get to read few instances in newspapers where in the massage centers which are in no way associated to yoga have novice massagers and indulge in some awkward activities. The yogic massage that I tend to explain is totally different to that of the massage centers who advertise themselves to bring bodily pain relief to their customers.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Cure for Bronchitis

Pranayama as I mentioned earlier is the most efficient practice in yoga that has the capability to cure respiratory disorders. Bronchitis in recent times has emerged as one of the most vulnerable epidemic disease. When bronchitis reaches its severe stages, even normal breathing could not be done with ease. If you suffer from severe bronchitis I would suggest you consult a physiotherapist for relief and if ask their opinion about benefits of practicing yoga. It is medically proven fact that yoga has the ability to streamline your breathing mechanism. Researches had conducted a study on effect of yoga on bronchitis and concluded that proper yogic practices have enormous agility to patients to fight against bronchitis. Obviously your physiotherapist should be aware of this fact and consult their advice on time of practice that you need to undergo and most important is choose a right trainer! Choosing a right trainer for yoga matters the most..

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sleeping consciously!

Have you ever heard of sleeping with consciousness? I am not mentioning anything about half sleep or any abnormal sleeping habits. This is really a very powerful practice in yoga and it is widely known as YOGA NITHRA. I got to know that many celebrities are having their personal trainers to learn the intricacies and benefits of yoga nithra. The central idea behind this is to make the person experience the deep states of relaxation. We all may think of getting relaxed by having few hours of sleep or having a excellent body massage!
But the ultimate benefit of yoga nithra not only soothes your physical sences but also your mental and spiritual senses. The sense of relaxation I experienced through this practice was incredible and I hearty my readers to experience the same in their life!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Capitalize your concentration!

Through proper practice of yoga, we can increase our concentration levels to tremendous extent. Meditation is the most effective magical tool to increase your concentration and memory skills. It is been proved as a fact and it is widely accepted by corporatde people across the world. In western countries professionals are trained to do yoga and meditation and few companies organize corporate training programs for employees benefit. Concentration not only improves your ability to prove yourself among your peers but also we will get the capability to manage mutiple tasks simultaneously with atmost ease. Pranayama is the ultimate possibity available in yoga to achieve the mastery in keenness, alertness and concentration. It basically streamlines our breathing mechanism, organises blood flow and increases concentration.