Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Clarify your doubts instantaneously

Please ensure that you are in constant touch with your trainer even after completion of yoga learning sessions. There are tremendous possibilities that we may have doubts on prolonged practice sessions. Please do ensure that you do not accumulate any of your doubts. Having a good rapport with your trainer helps you in having a better understanding for the things that you do. There are possibilities that you may even forget your doubts after certain time span. So try to clarify your doubts as and when you get time to clarify them. One of my friends has one such experience where in he was doing practices wrongly because of his hesitations to clarify his doubts. The effects of such things would really be adverse. So please be careful and try to do your practices diligently and clarify the doubts as early as possible.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stick to the schedules diligently!

It is important that we stick to the schedules insisted to us. There are certain time limits and limitations set for every practice that we do. We need to be conscious that we do not exceed these limits. The schedules are extremely important in case of yogic practices. If certain practice has been insisted to be followed for certain number of days, it is our responsibility to adhere to it. If this had not been done diligently, then it becomes half baked practice which will surely have its own adverse effects. I have mentioned the effects of doing irregular practices in my earlier posts. I could point a couple of things of same in but having known the adversity, it becomes our responsibility to follow it in perfect way to taste maximum benefits.