Saturday, 22 March 2014

Stress management

As we are involved in our daily activities, stress becomes a unavoidable factor. Yoga is a older practice for self development. As we now the spread of yoga practices are increasing in the west as well. I get to now few companies in Britain conduct periodic classed for their employees to handle their stress levels.
Meditation and breathing are the special varieties of practices available which are meant to satisfy the stress management purpose. Some of the indirect effects because of practices includes sound sleep, optimal pulse rate, assistance in avoiding smoking habit, reduced anxiety and muscle tension, slow ageing process and many other benefits. There are lots of other factors contributing this factor and hence practice yoga through a proper instructor led training and live a stress free life.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Don’t be complacent!

Complacency means a sought of self satisfaction we attain on reaching a certain level in our life. There are various factors associated with this and we should be alert we don’t get into such feelings at any point of time in our life. Our deeds make us survive in this universe. At every stage in our life, we are pointing to something and on satisfying that we are moving to the next dimension. This is an on going and continuous process. The possible adverse effects that we may incur because of such state of mind are that we may restrict our self in taking necessary risks to attain further states. This factor plays a very vital role in world of meditation and yoga. Our deeds to achieve something big and experience the vital force in us will surely take us to newer dimensions...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Varieties of yoga practices

There are different varieties of yoga being thought in various places and each would concentrate on a specific aspect. Few of the yogic classes on physical aspect, few on psychological aspect and few on understanding the divinity that is present in every human being .It depends on the people’s need as to what they need and to what they need to concentrate to gain the ultimate aspect they are focusing on. The awareness is increasing in a tremendous manner and people are getting in touch with the relevant people to satisfy their specific needs.
There are various specific aspects that each yogic centre teaching yoga may specialise. It is the responsibility of the people to get in touch with the right person. Few categories based on which the practices differ includes the yoga concentrating mainly on back pain, rhematic diseases, mental peace etc.. The list is so long to mention and it is the responsibility of students to stress upon what kind of practice they want their masters teaching yoga to focus upon.