Saturday, 2 August 2014

Life Insurance is most important

We all take financial risks in our life at every stage to take our financial levels to the next level. It is ultimately important that we should also take care of our family and plan for their wealth even during our absence. Life insurance is a fantastic cover for any family to lead a peaceful and happy life with security. Always make sure that you invest a safe amount from your earnings in life insurance plans and it is always important that you choose the right insurance provider to make sure that the policy will give the expected returns. It is imperative that many of us would always plan for a insurance. In which case please don's postpone your plan and take online help to get all the insurance advises that you need to get from the right people at the right time. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Vegetables are preferables

It is to my surprise when I get to know recently that people who have achieved in athletics and any other sport that involves plenty of flexibility of body are mostly vegetarian. It is a medical fact that fruits and vegetables are more prone to digested easily compared to that of meat and other edible foods. While practicing posture, it is important that we take care of the diet habits.
I am pretty sure in most of the instructor led classes people will be intimated with the kind of food habit they are supposed to follow. But in exceptional cases, I would strongly suggest to have a vegetarian diet as it takes less time to pass through the digestive system.
I don’t want to get into controversial topic between vegetarians and Non-vegetarians but according to me all things in existence have life. So it is not that taking a meat food is a sin but if vegetables are capable enough to render all goodness why not we could give a try for that..

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cure for diabetes through proper (yogic) postures!

Pranayama is a very powerful practice that in many cases had been reported as a cure for diabetes. There are various types available on this and it is our responsibility to ensure that our trainer is aware of our need. Please intimate your guru regarding this and there are specialized coursed available for diabetes cure based on yogic methods available in plenty of places. The cure will not happen overnight. Kapalbhati Pranayama is a power-breathing technique that help to overcome negative values and depression in few minutes. It is the only technique used particularly for mind purification among all the cleansing exercises. It is one of the pranayama’s that can cure diabetes.
Though, cleansing breath is a simple procedure, but it is important that it should be done properly in accurate and timely way. Mention this practice to your master and ask them to guide you if you suffer from any illness pertaining to diabetes. It has been observed that the heat generated during this exercise has powerful effects on the respiratory system because it purifies the nasal passage and the lungs. Regular practice of this exercise will truly show amazing results and you may skip your usual diet meals and live like other people in a worry free way. Since there is large-scale elimination of carbon dioxide and a huge absorption of oxygen this technique also increases in the lungs capacity. It is believed that our ancestors who mastered pranayama use to breathe for 2 or 3 times per minute. Sun salutation is also a very good practice for diabetic people.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Friends are primarily important for everyone’s life. It is our responsibility to make our friends experience the goodness that we reaped through practice of yoga, exercises and meditation. Please do share your experiences with your friends as that may be a life changing factor for them. It is not necessary that you insist them or compel them to do the practices. Please ensure that you are clear on your part in explaining them the benefits that you rendered and the possibilities that they are capable of experiencing. We can be damn sure that they will choose the option as the possibilities are pretty! Making good friends will also help us to do practices in the right way. We can share good thoughts among us and make sure that right practices are done at the right time in a right way. Making good friends will also help us to get relieved from unknown mistakes that we might be doing in our daily life. Trust your friend in the right way and please take steps to correct your friend and correct oneself in the best possible way.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cure for vision problems

If I say through yoga practices, you can get a better vision, will you believe me? The truth cannot be surpassed and we are gifted with yogic practices that have the capability to improve vision. I have come across one such session being conducted by Isha yoga. In isha yoga, sessions are being conducted specially for children’s who have vision problems at initial stages. The main idea is that if the problems are rectified at the initial stages, the problems get resolved at earlier stage of a child’s life and the concern to concentrate on this specific issue is being eradicated. The practices are advised even for grown up in which case, the intensity of the problems gets considerably reduced.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weight reduction

Obesity is becoming the most dangerous word in recent times. There are lots of side effects which people face because of having over weight. Improper habitual, life style contributes to a major extent for this. Yoga procedures greatly reduce this risk and it reduces weight and optimizes the fat content present in your body. As I mentioned earlier, practices will reduce your breathing cycle and increases the capacity of your lungs, it easily oxidizes the blood cells in our body. I have reduced 12 pounds in 40 days time through practice of a efficient practice called Shambavi maha mudra. I got trained into this through a social organization based in southern region of Tamilnadu. There are special courses available to handle this problem and any yogic procedure for sure will in someway or other will help you find a solution for obesity related problems.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Passion for sports

Everyone of us would have passion for a specific sport. In India, Cricket is a vast spread religion. It is difficult to ponder a youngster who is devoid of knowledge in cricket. It has literally become a matter of pride and concern to have ample knowledge in this specific sport in our country. In parallel means people here had not forgot to give importance to their internal and external well being. This is the reason for the widespread awareness for the posture practices in our country.
Hokey is the national game for India, but I come across people who on next instance of posting the question as to what is their national game, they answered it to be Cricket! Compared to other sports that involve physical activity, yoga is always considered to be better option as it renders benefits not only to your physical being but also to your sensual, psychological dimensions.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Advancement in technology is a Boon or Bane?

I have come across people who shared their experiences that they had practiced yoga sessions through some remote means. This includes learning through pre-recorded video. If you are planning to attend such session please ensure that you proceed through it by proper means.
Try to have contact number or any sought of contact with the people who teach you practices by remote means. This would help you to clarify your doubts and ensure that you are practicing the right kind of yoga which you are supposed to. This is useful in case if you get any problem, you can get in touch with those people and try to get it resolved. I heard of such sessions happening through VC(Video Conferencing) but as far as time, money, effect of practice are concerned, it is always better to have a instructor led training. It all depends on the circumstances you are put into and it is definitely a boon if utilized in the way it has be used.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Duration and concentration factors

I had the concentration problems during earlier stages of my practices. I always tend to concentrate and to be on my state of practice but usually would get diverted to something that my girl friend told on the previous day or some gossips that I had with my friends. Please remember that it is a very normal phenomenon. All that we need to remember is that our conscious focus on the practices we do will help us to cater this problem. Too much attention on this is not necessary but having a conscious focus on this will surely help us do our yogic practices in a better manner.
I would like to give you a tip regarding duration of practice. Please set a timer that you may have in the equipments that you use in your day today life like a watch, Cell phone etc. This helps you not to be much awry about the time factor and you can be completely satisfied that you do your practices in timely manner.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Personal commitments

This is an important concern we all need to address in our daily life amidst our other commitments. Please ensure you maintain a perfect balance in all your commitments what so ever situation you may be put up into. But missing our practices pointing out such reasons may not be an acceptable thing at any point of time.
You will be advised regarding the importance following things perfectly in your classes. But it is more important for us to convince our family members to give us time to follow our practices and make our children’s, parents understand the importance of doing the same. Please request them not to disturb you during your meditation sessions and seek their help to keep yourself apart from external influences during the time of practices.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Being earlier is always better

Many of us many not be aware of the fact that yoga can be inculcated in children. Hope you may be pretty dubious on this possibility but fact is always a fact no matter what people think about it. When Edison failed for hundreds of times in discovering a electric bulb, people were dubious about his invention but when he succeeded the whole universe got benefited out of it. Our children are born in an age where everything is monotonous, so in order to keep themselves up with time they are in adverse need to maintain good health. Yoga is right kind of practice for children as it increases their concentration ability, improves stamina to do their day to day activities and it ensures them a natural atmosphere to grow and keep themselves away from the adversities of modern world.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Simple common tips for initial stages in yoga

Here I take opportunity to present few tips and guidelines to be followed during initial stages of practices. Don’t take food for 3-4 hours before your class and try to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water before every session. Arrive 30 minutes before the practices commences. Introduce yourself to the teacher before class begins. Let them know about any health concerns you might have and let them know this is your first class. You can mention your area of concern you want your practices to be concentrated upon during his session. Try to raise questions before and after class to better understand the practice.
Yoga can teach us much, but we all have different questions, so ask your important concerns. Try to create a relationship with your teachers so they can help you in clarifying the doubts with much ease. Practice regularly to get the best results. Practices form the basis for the ultimate gain as I mentioned before. The changes cannot be felt overnight. It will take considerable amount of time to reap the benefits. This time line is not fixed based on any criteria. It differs from person to person based on their area of focus. Patience forms the basis on such cases and belief should be to the maximum extend as only patience without belief in practices will not accelerate the person to doors of success.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Back pain – Common enigma for IT professionals!

In last decade, back pain was more common problem for people above age of 45. Due to drastic technology advancements IT professionals are destined to work from a cubicle where in they hardly have time to even take frequent breaks in between their tight schedule. It is one of the most common problem people seek for medical attention. Relaxation is widely considered to be a direct antidote to stress. One of the identified causes for back pain is stress. As I mentioned earlier, yoga reduces blood pressure and an euphonious keeps you smart, it also have direct cure for back pain as a direct antidote with this regard. Physical practices ensure ease of movement in muscles by lubricating the joints. By this factor people who suffer from lumbar aches can get relaxed as more fluid for proper movement of joints will get secreted with this. Practice hatha yoga and forget all your bodily worries.

Self satisfaction matters!

In whatever thing that we do, whether it is our personal or professional life, we always expect to be satisfied. Please don’t set any abnormal expectations as if that doesn’t happen as you expected there are possibilities that you may get disappointed. So set goals based on your basic realistic needs as that would always help you to serve your needs better. The satisfaction levels may vary from person to person. If we adhere to the yogic practices it has lots of direct and indirect influences to our physical and psychological dimensions. Please share your experiences with your trainer and your friends what so ever it may be. I know people who on certain levels in meditation had felt like being in a flower garden! This experience was well appreciated by our trainer and based on the karma, every person is more likely to undergo some sought of experience.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Yogic massages for rejuvenating life

In yogic context massaging not only brings healing effects to a person’s body but also rejuvenates his psychological attributes. It is not only the temporary relief one feel from the body pain and mental stress but one can feel the spiritual dimension associated with it if it could be done in the apt way. I get to read few instances in newspapers where in the massage centers which are in no way associated to yoga have novice massagers and indulge in some awkward activities. The yogic massage that I tend to explain is totally different to that of the massage centers who advertise themselves to bring bodily pain relief to their customers.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Cure for Bronchitis

Pranayama as I mentioned earlier is the most efficient practice in yoga that has the capability to cure respiratory disorders. Bronchitis in recent times has emerged as one of the most vulnerable epidemic disease. When bronchitis reaches its severe stages, even normal breathing could not be done with ease. If you suffer from severe bronchitis I would suggest you consult a physiotherapist for relief and if ask their opinion about benefits of practicing yoga. It is medically proven fact that yoga has the ability to streamline your breathing mechanism. Researches had conducted a study on effect of yoga on bronchitis and concluded that proper yogic practices have enormous agility to patients to fight against bronchitis. Obviously your physiotherapist should be aware of this fact and consult their advice on time of practice that you need to undergo and most important is choose a right trainer! Choosing a right trainer for yoga matters the most..

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sleeping consciously!

Have you ever heard of sleeping with consciousness? I am not mentioning anything about half sleep or any abnormal sleeping habits. This is really a very powerful practice in yoga and it is widely known as YOGA NITHRA. I got to know that many celebrities are having their personal trainers to learn the intricacies and benefits of yoga nithra. The central idea behind this is to make the person experience the deep states of relaxation. We all may think of getting relaxed by having few hours of sleep or having a excellent body massage!
But the ultimate benefit of yoga nithra not only soothes your physical sences but also your mental and spiritual senses. The sense of relaxation I experienced through this practice was incredible and I hearty my readers to experience the same in their life!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Capitalize your concentration!

Through proper practice of yoga, we can increase our concentration levels to tremendous extent. Meditation is the most effective magical tool to increase your concentration and memory skills. It is been proved as a fact and it is widely accepted by corporatde people across the world. In western countries professionals are trained to do yoga and meditation and few companies organize corporate training programs for employees benefit. Concentration not only improves your ability to prove yourself among your peers but also we will get the capability to manage mutiple tasks simultaneously with atmost ease. Pranayama is the ultimate possibity available in yoga to achieve the mastery in keenness, alertness and concentration. It basically streamlines our breathing mechanism, organises blood flow and increases concentration.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Clarify your doubts instantaneously

Please ensure that you are in constant touch with your trainer even after completion of yoga learning sessions. There are tremendous possibilities that we may have doubts on prolonged practice sessions. Please do ensure that you do not accumulate any of your doubts. Having a good rapport with your trainer helps you in having a better understanding for the things that you do. There are possibilities that you may even forget your doubts after certain time span. So try to clarify your doubts as and when you get time to clarify them. One of my friends has one such experience where in he was doing practices wrongly because of his hesitations to clarify his doubts. The effects of such things would really be adverse. So please be careful and try to do your practices diligently and clarify the doubts as early as possible.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stick to the schedules diligently!

It is important that we stick to the schedules insisted to us. There are certain time limits and limitations set for every practice that we do. We need to be conscious that we do not exceed these limits. The schedules are extremely important in case of yogic practices. If certain practice has been insisted to be followed for certain number of days, it is our responsibility to adhere to it. If this had not been done diligently, then it becomes half baked practice which will surely have its own adverse effects. I have mentioned the effects of doing irregular practices in my earlier posts. I could point a couple of things of same in but having known the adversity, it becomes our responsibility to follow it in perfect way to taste maximum benefits.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Stress management

As we are involved in our daily activities, stress becomes a unavoidable factor. Yoga is a older practice for self development. As we now the spread of yoga practices are increasing in the west as well. I get to now few companies in Britain conduct periodic classed for their employees to handle their stress levels.
Meditation and breathing are the special varieties of practices available which are meant to satisfy the stress management purpose. Some of the indirect effects because of practices includes sound sleep, optimal pulse rate, assistance in avoiding smoking habit, reduced anxiety and muscle tension, slow ageing process and many other benefits. There are lots of other factors contributing this factor and hence practice yoga through a proper instructor led training and live a stress free life.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Don’t be complacent!

Complacency means a sought of self satisfaction we attain on reaching a certain level in our life. There are various factors associated with this and we should be alert we don’t get into such feelings at any point of time in our life. Our deeds make us survive in this universe. At every stage in our life, we are pointing to something and on satisfying that we are moving to the next dimension. This is an on going and continuous process. The possible adverse effects that we may incur because of such state of mind are that we may restrict our self in taking necessary risks to attain further states. This factor plays a very vital role in world of meditation and yoga. Our deeds to achieve something big and experience the vital force in us will surely take us to newer dimensions...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Varieties of yoga practices

There are different varieties of yoga being thought in various places and each would concentrate on a specific aspect. Few of the yogic classes on physical aspect, few on psychological aspect and few on understanding the divinity that is present in every human being .It depends on the people’s need as to what they need and to what they need to concentrate to gain the ultimate aspect they are focusing on. The awareness is increasing in a tremendous manner and people are getting in touch with the relevant people to satisfy their specific needs.
There are various specific aspects that each yogic centre teaching yoga may specialise. It is the responsibility of the people to get in touch with the right person. Few categories based on which the practices differ includes the yoga concentrating mainly on back pain, rhematic diseases, mental peace etc.. The list is so long to mention and it is the responsibility of students to stress upon what kind of practice they want their masters teaching yoga to focus upon.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Importance of postures in life

We all the importance of body language in our life. Every person have a separate unique feature in their body that they may exhibit in some point or other in their life either knowingly or unknowingly. If we could see extremely successful people around us, we can for sure notice something really attractive present in the way they carry themselves. It is been accepted that people confidence level is exhibited in the way they carry themselves.
We could easily identify the confidence level of the person interacting with us by the bodily activities they express. Hand is one most important factor that acts as a clue to identify this specific aspect. If a person is confident you can notice that the person would not bother much to take care of his hands. If a person is stressed we can easily notice that the person will be in obnoxious state to place his hands in a comfortable position. It is advisable to not to think about such small aspects while we face any stage gatherings. Place your hand freely and allow it travel along with the speech you render. It would automatically create a sense of comfort and you will automatically be carried away by the sense of confidence in your speech and action once you start practicing this simple tip.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Signatures for every action

Mudra is a very popular buzz word in the world of yoga. There are various mudra’s available in the yogic practices and each symbol resemble a specific meaning which have a direct or indirect association with the kind of practice being performed. It is believed that practicing mudra during meditation or just having a mudra(Sign) has the capability to influence directly and bring benefits to us.
It is believed that our five fingers resemble five elements in nature. The physical body is made up of five elements namely - Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash. The concept is that imbalance among these will create disturbances in the immune system and causes diseases of various kinds based on the levels of imbalance. Most of the mudras are practices by joining of fingers in specific manner or having the hand in specific posture that creates electromagnetic vibrations in the body which in turn is proved to have vital medical and curing effects in our physical and psychological aspects.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Belief is the base for everything

It is being the responsibility of the teaching something to finish his job but it is always in our hands to feel the ultimate importance of what it means to us. So what so ever practice we are enrolled into it is our responsibility that we ensure we are following the practices in the apt manner. It is always advisable that we always attend a practical real time session for practicing the body language practices and the yogic principles rather than following a book.
There are lots of possibilities of misinterpretations if we follow any specific book. I personally had experienced the importance of following the practices whole heartedly in a disciplined manner. All that is expected from us from any master is adherence to what they ask us to follow whole heartedly. There are many instances where people get into troubles because of communication gaps with their guru. It is important that you choose a right person for teaching the practices and it is even more important to believe the person whole heartedly while you are in learning and later stages. I will share more ideas pertaining this view and it is always important to believe someone at some point of time in life as belief forms the basis for ultimate existence.