Thursday, 25 April 2013

Don’t diminish your attitude. Attitude determines altitude!

There are people who think that they have to let their attitude go down in some cases to experience the ultimate effect of meditation and yoga. There is no such need that you have to become submissive to taste the fruit of yoga. Some people have the mentality that being silent and submissive is equivalent to peace. This is in some way related to our concern but we can’t totally agree with this. Being submissive is totally different and if your character was shaped in that way then you may not have problems as you are going to change yourself anything drastically. Be Alert! Alertness is a most important criteria to be considered as only alert and active people can consciously feel the importance of meditation and can reap the ultimate benefits of it.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cure for psychological disorders

One astonishing possibility of yoga is that it has the capability to cure psychological disorders. This can’t be applied to every cases. Few preliminary cases can be handled up to 100% efficiency. It all depends on the grasping capacity and various other factors. If you know any people of such kind please let your trainer know about the capability and problems that the person have. If he is aware of such possibility, definitely they should be the right person to guide you in the correct way. The preliminary levels of disorders that even many of us may undergo are like stress and related factors, habitual diseases etc. Such kind of diseases can be handled with ultimate efficiency as the person undergoing practice would be alert enough to understand and practice the things thought to them.