Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Yogasana - An eye opener

The word yoga literally means postures of the body. Yoga means Wisdom. So the whole word means that certain unique postures of our body have the capability to create ample amount of goodness to our physical and psychological life which ultimately opens the doors of wisdom. The awareness and importance with this regard is spreading in seamless way and we could see plenty of people practicing yoga in their day to day life. I had experienced the advantage of practicing yoga in my life in diversified possibilities and I take this chance to share my views and importance of practicing yoga and importance of body language in our life. It is important that we realize the importance of being confident and it could be noticed that not only with the speech and tone the confidence level and other aspects are measured but the postures and the way the person exposes also contributes to their image to a considerable extent. Here I take pledge and pleasure to share my knowledge and views on importance of body language, Yogic practices, my experiences and the benefit that can be gained to self and world by practicing proper postures in life.

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