Thursday, 6 August 2015

Streamline your breathing mechanism

Proper breathing forms the basis for detoxification mechanism of human body. I had recently attended a gathering regarding the importance of having a perfect breadth. We were asked to take a deep breath. The gentle man who was handling the session raised a question stating "When you breadth deeply how many people in the crowd feel that your chest should expand?" Almost 99% of people present in the crowd raised their hands. The gentle man explained they were breathing wrongly! It was to my surprise that I was one among those 99% He explained it is the stomach and not the chest that should expand during deep inhalation.
There are lot of practice methodologies available in yoga that could make a person breathe in a proper manner. Pranayama is considered to be the most powerful tool among those that exist relating to these types of practices. Oxygen is the source of very existence and for every cell in the human body. It heals our wounds, kills germs and bacteria, and ensures the strength and vitality of all living tissues. Blood is what carries oxygen throughout the body, and physical activities like yoga and its related practices raise the heart rate and increase the circulation of oxygen-rich blood.

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