Monday, 23 June 2014

Simple common tips for initial stages in yoga

Here I take opportunity to present few tips and guidelines to be followed during initial stages of practices. Don’t take food for 3-4 hours before your class and try to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water before every session. Arrive 30 minutes before the practices commences. Introduce yourself to the teacher before class begins. Let them know about any health concerns you might have and let them know this is your first class. You can mention your area of concern you want your practices to be concentrated upon during his session. Try to raise questions before and after class to better understand the practice.
Yoga can teach us much, but we all have different questions, so ask your important concerns. Try to create a relationship with your teachers so they can help you in clarifying the doubts with much ease. Practice regularly to get the best results. Practices form the basis for the ultimate gain as I mentioned before. The changes cannot be felt overnight. It will take considerable amount of time to reap the benefits. This time line is not fixed based on any criteria. It differs from person to person based on their area of focus. Patience forms the basis on such cases and belief should be to the maximum extend as only patience without belief in practices will not accelerate the person to doors of success.

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