Saturday, 15 August 2015

Postures (Yoga) for pregnant women!!

Yogic postures can even be practiced by pregnant women. By extreme caution is required that people who are under special medication if any need to consult their respective doctor before getting into this. Kundalini is a special form of yoga that can be specially practiced by pregnant women. Practicing Yoga is a healthy way to stay fit during the ninth month of pregnancy. It has been proved that Yoga increases their energy, and rids their bodies of the pain commonly associated with pregnancy. Although Yoga can improve a woman’s health during pregnancy, there are Yoga postures that should not be performed, specifically when they call for the woman to lie on her stomach.
Yoga during pregnancy, should be performed under the instruction of a video or Yoga teacher. But instructor led training is always preferable in all cases. These experienced Yogis can direct you to poses that reduce pain and swelling of the lower body, and correct the issues that weight gain presents to a woman’s posture. Breathing techniques and meditation used in Yoga are beneficial during labor. So if you know someone pregnant, advice them to reap the benefits of yoga if they are physically adaptive to undergo such training.

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