Friday, 14 August 2015

Music- Universal language to convey emotions

Hearing sense is a important in practicing yogic practices. I had come across people who wish to have a pleasing music while they do meditation and other practices. There is lot of significance associated with this and it all depends on the kind of mood this sound take us through. It is generally advices not to have any sound while practicing. But it is extremely important to ensure that the music doesn’t have any negative impact on the kind of work that you do. People may think a specific kind of soft music can get into some new world of happiness but please ensure with your instructor that the indulgence of sound of any means to your practices would not harm you in any way. There are possibilities where in your instructor would advice on specific music that you are allowed to have during your sessions. Ensure that you let your instructor the emotions that you undergo while hearing to such music. There are possibilities where every kind of music has the ability to create different impacts based on the person’s karma and other aspects. To know more about karma, please have a look into my older posts.

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