Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Internal transformation

It is my person experience that when the body is active in physical, mental and spiritual states, internal transformation of many means will happen for sure. We gain a complete gain of one-self which can bear all the adversities that we come across with a balanced state of mind. Every man craves for a happy, peaceful and healthy living and if that could be made possible through practice of few simple disciplined methods. Daily performance of the practices will increase the confidence level to understand the self and understand the nature around us. Internal transformation will not happen in a day or two and I am sure it will not take generations together as well. Proper focus, belief in the self and the effects of practices is all that is needed to taste this wonderful experience. Spirituality is not a factor to be considered with this regard. I have come across atheists who believe and had experienced the fruit of inner transformation. Even people had no belief in existence of a superior power had come across such practices and made themselves experience and unleash the inactive power that exist in every living creature.

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