Thursday, 15 August 2013

Importance of sleeping postures

It is extremely important that we maintain a proper posture during our sleep. Lot of factors needed to be taken into consideration in determining a proper posture for sleeping. It is always preferred that you have a pillow beneath your foot while sleeping as this helps you to sleep on your back. But people who are experiencing problem with their back bones are not advised to follow this. But people who have a steady backbone can try this position as this gives a relaxing and peaceful sleep.
People are advised to sleep on their side on many instances as this may give them the comfort of being in their willing position. But avoiding awkward postures will definitely help us in avoiding to getting into unwanted troubles. So comfortable enough in the way you sleep but don’t sleep in the way your head facing downward as this posture is more prone to get people to strains and sprains. In yoga the sleeping posture is by itself is a aasana(Yogic posture) and it is called as Savasana. In few yogic practices, it is a custom to end the yogic practices with a Savasana to make a comfortable ending for the whole set of practices.

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