Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Experience is extremely important. Practical exposure matters!

Wherever we go experience has its own value. If one of your friend is planning to go to California and if he comes to know that you have been to California, then you become a knowledge resource for your friend. In similar ways, companies always seek for experienced candidates based on the belief (truth indeed) that experienced people can do things in a better way than what a fresher could do. In world of yoga please ensure your yoga centre is a well established one. Please don’t follow any books to practice postures as they are highly fatal. I can spot lot of such instances where in many people got into troubles through improper practices and wrong methodologies portrayed in books available in the market.
Be extremely careful in selecting a proper source to practice the postures. Don’t get indulged in group activities like if any of your friends compels you to practice postures thought by him. Just think if that friend could have practiced yoga through some cheap books, you have all possibilities to get into troubles. There are even possibilities like that person escapes from troubles but your body may not be capable enough to with stand that. So always ensure you practice postures after learning it through proper means.

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