Thursday, 3 July 2014

Duration and concentration factors

I had the concentration problems during earlier stages of my practices. I always tend to concentrate and to be on my state of practice but usually would get diverted to something that my girl friend told on the previous day or some gossips that I had with my friends. Please remember that it is a very normal phenomenon. All that we need to remember is that our conscious focus on the practices we do will help us to cater this problem. Too much attention on this is not necessary but having a conscious focus on this will surely help us do our yogic practices in a better manner.
I would like to give you a tip regarding duration of practice. Please set a timer that you may have in the equipments that you use in your day today life like a watch, Cell phone etc. This helps you not to be much awry about the time factor and you can be completely satisfied that you do your practices in timely manner.

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