Monday, 2 September 2013

Basic understanding of karma – I am sure it will be interesting!

I had found many people misunderstand the meaning of karma in many ways. There are lot of understanding available on this specific word. I here would like to present the most apt meaning which I feel could be applicable to the word that gave me a more convincing idea of what the thing is all about. Karma is basically considered as a everlasting law that is applicable every existence in the world. When any good or bad thing happens we can point out people saying it is all because of karma that the good or adverse activity had took place. Yes, I even accept the fact but if we drill down deep into this it could lead to unnecessary confusions. Karma can be focused as levels of experiences that every existence had undergone in their life. Based on this experience every existence that have sense have the tendency to compare with the present happenings to the happenings that the living being had undergone before. This is the source of all that people say that karma is responsible for all that happen in their life! Please follow a single context with this word to avoid confusions and proper understanding of this would create a better idea of root causes for the ultimate happening in the universe.

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