Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Advancement in technology is a Boon or Bane?

I have come across people who shared their experiences that they had practiced yoga sessions through some remote means. This includes learning through pre-recorded video. If you are planning to attend such session please ensure that you proceed through it by proper means.
Try to have contact number or any sought of contact with the people who teach you practices by remote means. This would help you to clarify your doubts and ensure that you are practicing the right kind of yoga which you are supposed to. This is useful in case if you get any problem, you can get in touch with those people and try to get it resolved. I heard of such sessions happening through VC(Video Conferencing) but as far as time, money, effect of practice are concerned, it is always better to have a instructor led training. It all depends on the circumstances you are put into and it is definitely a boon if utilized in the way it has be used.

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