Sunday, 19 May 2013

Glowing appearance - Don't you want to glow?

We come across people in our daily life who strive really hard to look young! We try all kinds of lotions, packs and other possibilities to stay and look young (This doesn’t apply to people who are really young!) Pre mature ageing is really becoming the problem for the hour. People are experiencing diseases at initial stages of life which our ancestors had come across at final stages of life. Even without proper medical facilities available, the longevity of life for our ancestors was much higher compared to our generation. Even though there are multiple factors contributing this, the most negating factor for us is lack of physical work in the modern environment that we live today. It is extremely important that we practice and focus our self to certain practice, mudra, yoga, aasana as these powerful tools brings in lot of energy that we need to carry on our day to day activities and it takes us to newer dimensions of life which many of us could had only imagined of attaining in reality. But the truth is we all facilities with us. All that we need to do is to utilize them in proper way.

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